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Every person is born with supernatural intelligence. After birth, everyone has a different language, situation and environment. He gets companionship and that is how he gets formed. Subsistence and got the necessary and successful platform to earn money.That every person can be successful and truly a person. If development takes place, poverty and corruption will be eradicated and national development could take place . For personal development through Real Business This is a small effort.
Mr. Amol Shinde


Information about the organization

The 21st century is all about information and technology, but so is entrepreneurship. India is known around the world as a country of intellectuals and geniuses. As well as most in the world It is a country with more young people. But in the current situation in India, malnutrition, poverty, corruption and Most importantly, unemployment is facing these problems. Because youth do not have Jobs because of Lack of skills and platform required for them to work, it has created many problems.Satara (Maharashtra) on 25th December 2013 after study of these and many more questions and issues.
In this place an Real Business training and information center was set up. There are about 7 sections in Real Business. It includes Real Business Industry Pvt. (Raw Materials & Machinery), Real Business Nidhi Ltd. (for savings and loan schemes), Real Business Ltd. (Skills and Entrepreneurship For training), Real Business. Agro Pvt. (Agribusiness for Organic Production) Entrepreneurial Group (For entrepreneurship in all sectors), Real Mart Store (Sales & Marketing), Real Business Educational & Social organizations are working (for the development and balance of all sections of the society).


Goal / Objective

Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Platform. Real Business Entrepreneur Program 2015 has been implemented in its primary form since. New business ventures through this platform converting young people to business by creating concepts, inculcating and developing them.Recognize skills and fully cooperate with newly created concepts, developed concepts, for goods and services

Providing the perfect market. Report, design, capital, management of the newly created concept and to make the most important national and international markets available. Overall a normal person and the entrepreneurial group is working with the objective of making the entrepreneur a great entrepreneur.

By increasing the number of entrepreneurs and traders under the Entrepreneur Program to make self-employment available the year, that is, by 2022, 1000 entrepreneurs and their Real Business aims to successfully implement the concept belonging to the entrepreneurial group.